Pretty Southern

Although I've never lived deeper South than Oklahoma (except for that long ago Summer Home in Destin, pause while I long for the Days of The Neighborhood of Caribe!) I completely consider myself a Southern Girl.

So, with the annual first weekend in May KENTUCKY DERBY, I thought I'd give you my version of what I'd love to do. Maybe next year I'll throw my own backyard Derby Luncheon, complete with silver trays of champagne greeting my friends before they step on a red (pink?) carpet between my gorgeous hot pink azaleas.

1. The Run For The Roses will be playing on TV inside while Dan Fogelberg sings it on the outdoor speakers. Listen and watch here!

2. I'll need the current official poster of the year.

3. Definitely, I'll channel my inner Lisa Vanderpump because pink is not only my favorite color, it lends itself perfectly to KDS (Kentucky Derby Style)..

4. Yes, I will most definitely plan my outfit as usual, around the shoes. This explains a lot about my closet, as well as my Interior Design Style: Start with what you love.

5. Then the dress, bright, fun, floral. I'm going to have a year to be in shape for this style. If that doesn't work, full, flowy and flouncing will do.

6. Of course, the perfect Dirby hat is a must.

7. I'll go with huge, monochromatic one like this.

8. Jewelry, (like the collections on shelves and tables) will be of utmost importance. I'm going with floral overkill on one arm.

9. 10. 11. My other arm will be confection overdose, with layers of bangles, beads and watch all color coordinated of course.

12. In my usual style of balance, whether it be decor or jewelry, although my earrings will be beautiful they won't steal the show. (In the same sense, if your 'clutter' on your nightstand is extreme, coordinate a spectacular, less busy lamp!)

13. Party! Of course I'm going to serve the Famous Early Times Mint Julip. Here's the recipe.

14. I'll probably still be eating clean, so I'll serve the Famous Layered Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

15. I'll set a backyard fantasy luncheon ALA Lisa with my own floral creations, china and linens.

16. Of course, I'll dream and be inspired by the beautiful home decor of Lisa Vanderpump. Her rules do work well.

Maybe I'll use a few of these ideas this weekend, if only for Church and brunch on Sunday. All the while, I'll be planning next year!

Stylizing for You,

Cheri xoxo

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