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How To Arrange {Grocery Store} Flowers

Have you every picked up a bunch of flowers at the store when only there for milk, only to get them home where they look kind of sad? Flowers hanging haphazardly and untrimmed stems can make for a very sloppy 'arrangement', not what you were envisioning!

Here are some tips:

1. Sticking to a color story, be it one color or a friendly assorment is key. Note: your two options are all of 1 flower or color, or a great color palette with different sizes of blossoms for texture.

2. For larger flowers like roses or peonies, place them in warm water and gently open by hand. Pull off any limp or wilted buds that will zap the nutrients quickly.

3. Put the largest group in a small rubberband to hold them together, giving more slender stems a place to join as you proceed.

4.Afterwards, trim stems to the correct length for vase (or glass, or any creative holder, like a salad dressing bottle!) cutting at an angle.

5. Grab a few stray strands of greenery from your yard for a gathered look!

6. If you're giving away the bouquet, instead of a vase: Layer a damp paper towel on plastic wrap. Wrap tightly around the stems multiple times (after cutting stems at an angle). Cover with used tissue paper for a softer look with more body, and tie. Note, raffia or wire ribbon around the vase or the bouquet makes the perfect finishing touch!

flower arrangement.jpg

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