Everything Old Is New Again

Mad Men's Set Design

We love this article on Mad Men's set design. We completely agree this design does shine a light on mid century Interior Design, particularly in the US. But, while reading we thought about the saying "everything old is new again" and how valid that phrase is.

If you haven't made it by Tulsa's Designer Showcase, please make your plans to attend. This may be our favorite Showcase ever, and the Designers pulled out all the stops to showcase individual talents. From what we've heard repeatedly, the general consensus is the house has a contemporary feel.

This thought led us to research the definition of Contemporary: con·tem·po·rar·y [kuhn-tem-puh-rer-ee] adjective 3. of the present time; modern: What Is the Definition of Contemporary Design? Contemporary design "can be described as a modern design that relies on smooth and polished surfaces, clean lines, simple and uncluttered look. It is not cold and but spacious and comfortable. It focuses on colour, texture, furniture and lighting".

Interestingly, while this 100% describes http://www.tulsadesignershowcase.com, the house has changed very little since construction in 1937! Supporting the statement everything old is new, the wow factor of this beautiful, large, open, spacious and comfortable home has not only stood the test of time, this revival makes it a showcase that shouldn't be missed!

Hope to see you there, T-S 10:00-4:00, S 12:00-4:00. and Thursday Evenings for Meet The Desigers from 5-8

Cheri and Emma

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