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White Hot!

According to, white is considered the color of perfection. We think so, too. Although we have been known for color in design throughout the years, white has always made a presence in varying degrees. This year it is front in center (from top right):

1. Artwork featuring whites bright light is our favorite of the year.

2. White nails, who wouldn't want this look in the heat of the summer?

3. Rooms are getting fresh shades of white, covering up the old dark, drab or glazed walls.

4. White accessories bump up the wow in every room of the house!.

5. Fashion says 2015 is all about white on white on white on white. The design world has always nodded to what fashion projects, never more so than now with this global community of ours.

6. White lends itself to mixing well with all colors because it is a mixture of all colors in the visual spectrum. We love it with metallics, mercury glass, mixed woods and more.

7. Our favorite paint company, Benjamin Moore has over 200 shades of white alone. Here are our top 8.

8. White is the number 1 top choice for bedding, either completely or pops of white.

9. No job is complete until the accessories move in, and we feel timeless floral arrangements are the exclamation point at the completion of all design.

#white #floral #tufted #art #BenjaminMoore #SpectrumPaint #Tulsa

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